So Tell Me ... What's The Weather Like on YOUR Planet?

28 January, 2007

This is just stupid.

The airport people confiscated my toothpaste.

There's this sort of little knot of inchoate frustration at a universe in which people will confiscate my toothpaste because there's too much of it.

I bitched about this to my father, who commented that he'd had yogurt confiscated. Yogurt!

Microbiology of mass destruction!

For crying out loud.


Vieva said...

I dunno. yogurt can be pretty scary.

it's got all that culture!

belledame222 said...

I got a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer confiscated. and yep, toothpaste; i did have it in a bag, but the bag was -too big.- they measured it and everything (well, gave it the eyeball, but still).

i feel so much more secure now