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16 October, 2007

Shrinking the Head

I just wanted, somewhat after the fact, to drop a thank you to all the folks who wished me well for my going off to seek clinical treatment for the innards of my head. I've been to the therapist; I'm going to see her again this Friday and then see her on Tuesdays afterwards.

I think it'll go okay.

I'm having a weird time of it of late, so I'm sort of cycling around whether I want to write about some of the things on my list to do someday, more current events, or something else. A lot of trying to deal with a blowup of reasonably epic proportions my liege and I had is sort of occupying my brain; dealing with the therapist is occupying another large chunk of my brain. Plus, y'know, all the other stuff. Plumbers. Plumbers are occupying my brain, for the shower, she leaks, and other minor preoccupations. Tomorrow we're having people come by and remove the tree that's growing in the gutters. (You think I'm joking, don't you?)

I'm very tired, and I'm muddling through.

Thanks for your care, guys. It's good to be wished well.

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Daisy Deadhead said...

You have reminded me of Joan Didion's novel Play it as it lays, wherein the 'mentally unstable' (as they said in those days) heroine repeatedly stresses over the plumbing.

Then she dreams that is it blood stopping up the pipes.

Check out the book, it's something else. And it will help you to remember all of the great artists before you, who have also tread your path.