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13 May, 2008

O My Head

My therapist and I talked a little at the end of our session about getting me a referral to a psychiatrist.

Because I'm tired of being crazy, and the week or so of persistent pain has given me ... a certain lack of emotional stability, because I just don't have the resources. And where I'm trying to be in life, I can't afford the luxury of running anymore.

Trying to articulate how I feel about this mostly drives me to fits of ellipses.

I have made fudge with cinnamon, though. If you all are really nice to me I may post the recipe. Hah.


Tziyonah said...

I've been thinking of doing a two-part post:

"How To Deal With Psychiatrists With Maximum Usefulness And Minimum Mental Damage" and "How To Deal With People Telling You Pills Are Wrong With Minimum Angst And Guilt."

(I can do this because I can give advice, I'm just not always good at following it. Heh...)

Think that might be helpful in general?

Dw3t-Hthr said...

Well, it sure as fuck can't hurt.

Graydon said...

Oh, well, yeah, it can hurt.
It's just that the ratio of help to hurt can be large, too.

I don't think you're crazy, in the "brain won't let me build a world model that can have elements falsified" sense; you may be in that cheery state where you've got a case of axiom lock with yourself and not enough spoons/energy/sense of not being hit with sticks/rabid badgers to the head right this minute that you can do anything about it, or even identify it.

It's almost impossible to do something about any wet -- diet, brain chemistry, metabolic miss-match with climate, et diverse cetera -- cause of that sort of thing from the inside, either. So some knowledgeable help can be pretty flatly required from time to time.