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22 September, 2008

And, in time, grow wings

I've been playing Spore.

It's a silly little game, awfully cute. One starts with a microorganism, collects bits of DNA and mutation potential, evolves into a beastie, then a sopont, then on into space and such.

And I'm playing it and occasionally wonder why I haven't heard of any religious-right screaming about an evolution game.

Is it because it's guided by the divine hand of the player? (I'm not sure that entirely helps, given the hubristic nature of setting oneself up as deity that I've seen at anti-cloning and GE religious objections, but maybe computer games aren't on that radar.)

Or is it the cute cartoon violence and happy fluffy dancing sex instead of Grand Theft Auto?

I'm just ... kind of amused, mostly.


Anonymous said...


I want it so badly. But I have to upgrade my little MacBook to Leopard first...

I've wondered about the lack of griping over the whole evolution thing, too. I suspect they must have just not noticed it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this doesn't bother them because they believe that evolution is a piece of fiction?

*sigh* Spore sounds fascinating and I'd like to get it as soon as possible.

Lisa Harney said...

I'm sure there's someone who'd go off about how it's a Darwinian indoctrination tool.


Vieva said...

yeah, but evolution doesn't work by looting the dead.

or DOES it? :D

Totally random moment - my son LOOOOOVES Spore. He likes making them do the mating dance - and even refers to them as mommy and daddy and making a baby.

unexpected education, anyone?

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