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13 April, 2009

More Linkfarming on the Amazon Thing

The Guardian weighs in. The CBC too.

PNH comments at Making Light.

Commentary on the trolling claims from Bryant at Livejournal.

Creative and angry Amazon users start playing with tags on the current top hits for 'homosexuality'. Others are going through the database tagging disappeared books with 'amazonfail'.

Neil Gaiman's input.

Fandom personality Cleolinda comments. One of her commenters adds some bonus WTF.

A tech blog muses on the exploit, pointing out that it doesn't fit a standard definition of 'glitch' but rather a human-exploitable software file that was exploited by humans.

Why it won't get fixed instantly.

(This post may wind up being updated as more stuff crosses my field of vision. Or it may not.)

Rounds of adds:

On scaling and monopolies.

Broadly speaking, concerns about accessibility to books in the modern era.

The Wild Hunt notes effects on pagan books.

Erynn Laurie continues to express her poor opinion of Amazon, which I am linking because I am coming from a reasonably similar perspective.

Gawker suspects a hacker. Meanwhile, Deanna Zandt comments on how, even if it is a hacker, that doesn't get Amazon off the hook.

Metadata analysis at Dear Author. Definitely read this one!

Another overview post.

The disability community is also affected; given the desexualisation of the disabled, this also deserves a bit of shouting. I would note that I believe Serrano's Whipping Girl, a book about trans issues, was also delisted.

An anonymous Amazon employee claims to have found something. Also, Amazon spokespeople are embarassed.

The NY Times comments on the entire thing.

Heather Corinna is pissed off.

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