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03 June, 2009

Who Does This?

My mother invited herself up for a visit.

This isn't the funny part.

The information I had was "Sometime after Memorial Day" and "My roommate may need to be near there on June 1 if she takes that internship". To which my response was, okay then, I'll try to get my brain armorplated by that time.

So last Thursday I get an email from her saying, "Don't bother calling me, I'm heading out on Saturday to visit people!" Not a personal email, a mass mail to twenty or thirty people.

... okaaaay.

Time passes.

Monday afternoon, the phone rings, and my powerful psychic skills say, "That's my mother," and so I leave it to go to voicemail. And lo! It is my mother.

She wants to come up Wednesday and stay through Friday.

This isn't the funny part.

Wednesday: birth class. Thursday: preexisting commitment with friends.

I crack up. And explain this to my [legal] husband (I need a new title for him, this brackets thing is maddening, but I'm not going to just post treating him as my only husband dammit), and he says, "Well. That's piss-poor planning on her part."

He said that a lot Monday evening.

So I called her up Monday night. She is Very Enthusiastic and all. And then I point out the schedule issues, and she says, "... oh."

"Oh", like she's suddenly shocked into a realisation that, y'know, I have a life that exists outside the fringes of her peripheral vision.

Well, she's going to go up to Maine on the weekend to see her other brother, why not visit on the way back down?

Sure, Mom. But I'm out of the house all day Tuesday.


So she's driving down Sunday night, here for Monday, and going away Tuesday morning.


Who does this?


Zeborah said...

You mean you didn't keep the entire month free just in case?...

my [legal] husband (I need a new title for him, this brackets thing is maddening, but I'm not going to just post treating him as my only husband dammit)

If we lived in a society where it wasn't considered unusual to have more than one you wouldn't need brackets, I think - like I can say "my grandmother" or "my sister" or "my uncle" even though I have two, two and four respectively. But not living in that kind of society, it's not the same...

Daisy Deadhead said...

But you New Englanders are so POLITE... I now see that this is often possible due to multi-layered passive-aggression. (See what I learn from your blog?)

At least she didn't scream and call you a fucking self-centered little bitch when you told her. But see, then you'd know where you stand. The "Oh" is just so weird to me... I think we might have enjoyed trading places for awhile. :P

MP said...

Who does this?

Parents of a certain age.

In may, I found out that my girlfriend was going away for vacation during this coming week, with her other boyfriend.

This gave me a perfect opportunity to go away with my other girlfriend, as her birthday is next week.

I called my mom, letting her know we'd be going to the summer house in CT - and mom told me they wouldn't be there that week.

Which is a big deal for my family: my mom's house, my mom's rules, such as, unmarried couples do not share a bed under her roof.

Great, we'll have the house to ourselves, and tons of nookie time!

Then I get an email last week from mom - she'll be there on the 8th.

WTF did you tell me you wouldn't be there, and now you will?

No takesy-backsys!

No choice.

And GF, rightly so, refuses to spend the night of her birthday NOT in the same bed with me.

So I called my brother who lives two doors up from mom, and asked if we could stay there.

Take that, mom!

Dw3t-Hthr said...

Daisy --

My mother's not a cultural New Englander, she's just crazy. There's something of a difference.

Anonymous said...

My only answer? MY mother does that plus guilt tripping. sympathize.