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14 January, 2007

How dare you judge?

This is one of those things that I see crop up on occasion, generally from someone who wants the people they're dealing with to be all warm and friendly.

Setting aside the fact that I am not terribly warm and friendly, this drives me spare. "Judge" means "making a decision based on an evaluation of the evidence"; taking not-judging as an axiom is a position in favor of perpetual idiocy, because engaging the brain is forbidden.

How dare I judge?

I dare to have a brain, to use it, to think about what's going on.

"How dare you judge?" never comes out of the mouths of people who find the resulting judgements favorable. If the use of brain comes out friendly to their fragile egos, then it's wisdom, compassion, insight.


Vieva said...

but but but ....

but brains are EEEEEEVIL!

Or at least, they are when you dare to use them. :D

(also, why are the "thou shalt not judge" folks ALWAYS idiots, too? It's like they don't want us to think because they're jealous. what, me biased?)

Dw3t-Hthr said...

What gets me about it was that the "How dare you judge!" that provoked this was in response to a, "All of you people are big meanies because you do something that nobody actually said!"

Er, right.

Vieva said...

so first someone judges (incorrectly), then complains when people get pissed about it?

Some people really shouldn't be allowed on the 'net until they pass a basic reading proficiency, should they?