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17 April, 2007


This was posted elsewhere, I will repeat it:

If seeking the hands of divine mercy in events like this, I name Professor Liviu Librescu, a Holocaust survivor who barricaded the doors to his classroom so his students could escape out the windows, and who charged the gunman to attempt to stop him when that was the only way he could see to save more lives.

Seeking omniscience and omnipotence are just excuses to not use our own hands, our own reason, our own magic; further, they disrespect those, like Professor Librescu, who do the work the gods get unfairly blamed for not doing. His sacrifice is no less a blessing because it did not come with thunderbolts, the shaking of the earth, and the raising of the dead.

Human hands make ills that it is the responsibility of human hands to mend. The gods have Their own responsibilities, and if we want to see Their hands on earth, we had better get working on being Their gloves.

Though I know my prayers are to gods not his own, as his is Hashem, I make them anyway:

A thousand of bread
A thousand of beer
A thousand of every good thing.
May he ascend!

May his memory be a blessing.

The Blathering
The Times Online
The Jerusalem Post
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little light said...

Let it be written and let it be said.
A thousand of every good thing.