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30 May, 2007

The Casual Stupid

So someone I know on LJ posted about the whole Polish officials investigating whether Teletubbies have teh ghey thing. And homophobia is a big problem in Poland at the moment, getting all tangled up (back to intersections) with some of the difficulties eastern Europe is having with the whole post-Soviet identity thing. Nationwide strike a possibility, fears of energy dependency on Russia, constitutional issues with the EU, ... and that's just the first page of hits on

The person who linked the article added a comment about how, y'know, he thought about making a Polack joke, but it's not worth it.

And gee ... how nice that it's not worth the effort to make that sort of display. Because responding to one bit of bigotry with another is so chic and enlightened.

Not just speaking, you know, as someone whose grandmother's surname was Jeranonek.

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SunflowerP said...

I don't think your Polish grandmother has much to do with your evaluation, other tham maybe giving it a personal note; there's no evidence that I have any Polish ancestry at all, and I concur: it's pseudo-sophisticated flippancy.