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06 December, 2007

Sex Pixies

Because I couldn't resist the impulse.

(If you don't have the referent for the joke, just nod and smile, folks.)

(Sorry, fellow sex pixies, I just couldn't begin to bring to present myself with butterfly wings .... I tried! Couldn't make it look like me! I did go through all the shirts though, picking the sexpixiest thing I could find that I might actually wear. I kept the sparklies!)

(Sex Pixie Dw3t-Hthr doll created at Elouai.)


Cassandra Says said...

I took this idea and ran with it, hope you don't mind.

Dw3t-Hthr said...

Oh certainly I don't mind, I was kind of hoping to start a trend or something. ;) Because damn, the silly.

Trinity said...

Daisy Deadhead said...

I LOVE HER! Does she have a name? :)

thene said...

She has the cutest smile.

(I made one, but stuck it in a post about something else - )

Unknown said...
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