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20 June, 2008

At T Two Hours

Have taken antidepressant medication. Doing a very slow, conservative ramp-up because I'm a little anxious about the whole thing. (She said, using her powers of mild understatement.)

My brain has not exploded.

Further bulletins as events warrant.


Suzanne said...

*hygges* and support.

Vieva said...

please don't explode. is messy and no fun.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

I've had a lot of friends and really close people on meds, one of whom was my girlfriend for years and who really, really needed them, and one of them was myself.

It's scary shit, and to the right kind of mind, deciding to take meds can feel like giving up your soul and adopting something alien but more palatable.

They pretty much affect everyone differently, and sometimes you barely notice a difference -- except that you find yourself feeling OMYGODAWFUL less often.

Good luck. I feel for you, it's a tough thing to do.