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21 August, 2008

Gaming Dog-Whistles

So one of McCain's bloggers called potential Obama voters the D&D set living in their mother's basements, which was, y'know, standard and laughable.

I didn't notice the dog-whistle. WordWeaverLynn at livejournal did, and decodes it for the rest of us.

(Corrected 'McCain' to 'minion'.)


Trinity said...

The "funny" thing to me is just how much those evangelical anti-D&D links sound like what we've of late been calling "radfems."

Be careful what you let into your mind, indeed!

thene said...


Wouldn't it be nice if this election was being contested between two groups of rational people?

Anonymous said...

John McCain actually said nothing of the sort. One of his bloggers -- a fellow named Michael Goldfarb -- did.

Accurate link to the blogger is here: at

Just wanted to be sure you knew the actual source.

Dw3t-Hthr said...

Woop, thanks. Fixed.

Oliver A. FP said...


Hurrah for good ol' American anti-intellectualism! (I realise that we here in the UK are just as bad, don't worry)

'Cause, you know, this thing about geeks... kind of a defining characteristic... they tend to be quite bright.

Why would you be CLEVER and pretend to be an ELF in a BASEMENT - that's just silly, when you can drop napalm on civilians instead.

*pokes head out of basement and blinks in the unfamiliar light*

Actually, the world is on backwards. I'll get back to my elf if nobody minds.

Kristin said...

You know, I wouldn't have picked up on the dog whistle either, but I think her post is right on. I remember hearing horror tales in evangelical circles as a kid about people who became "possessed by demons" after "getting involved with" D&D. Unless the statement had currency with a specific contingent of his base, I can't see why McCain would ever have mentioned D&D. He's trying to play to the fundies without quite *being* one of them. "The One" ad was understood by nearly everyone who has ever come into contact with dominionist rhetoric, but this comment is a bit more subtle.

Unknown said...

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