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18 March, 2009

The Only Intuitive Interface

Of all the changes in my body, I am perhaps most perturbed by my nipples. The swelling of my belly was entirely expected; the water retention mostly makes me itch.

My nipples have become alien landscapes. The smooth flesh of the areolae has become a mass of crenellations, occasionally punctuated by the lump or squat tower of a submerged gland. What was pink flesh is now a strange purplish brown, and every time I notice this I think of a comment my liege made a few months ago, about how he had read that one of the going theories about pigment shifts in nipples during pregnancy was to make the nipple more visible to the eventual baby, and how that made the racial bias of the theorists kind of blatant. The nipples themselves are tight and crevassed, though when they're not reacting to anything the appearance of the surface reminds me of nothing more than a ginger snap cookie. The scar tissue on one of them is a twisted mass of swelling and intermittent pain as the hormones course through tangled flesh.

It's very weird. I mean, even weirder than being poked in the stomach from the inside, which is extremely weird.


Anonymous said...

I feel quite remiss for having not said this yet, but congratulations on the impending birth of your child. I'm really happy for you :-)

MP said...

I'll echo devastatingyet, and say congrats - I hadn't heard, could be because I haven't seen you at local coffee shop recently.

name divided to thwart the spam-bots.

Dw3t-Hthr said...

My absence at the coffee shop is not unrelated. ;)