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11 July, 2010

I'ma Thump You With My Cane

For various reasons, I have ventured outside my nice little enclosed area of pagan religious discussion where the majority of people present are actually functional adults (I include in this many of the teenaged posters) and have been reading a bit of More General Pagan Discussion.

Which reminds me why I don't do public pagan-flavored religion as a thing.

Because seriously, people.

Grow up a little.

You are not a mighty warrior called to serve in the Great War on the Astral. Your deeper spiritual nature as a wolf does not inform you about the coming storm. No, I don't "feel the change coming" or believe that Mother Earth is about fit to shrug her shoulders and throw the human race into the abyss over Deepwater Horizon. Earthquakes actually are not that exotic. When the apocalypse comes your "abilitys" will not feed and protect you and keep you in a better conditioned than unenlightened people who have cars. You are not destined to be the foundation of a new species. Your special gift is not to protect the masses from other people's special gifts.

I don't need a guide to your holidays. No, really. Even if I were a sabbat-celebrator, which I'm not, because it's not actually a part of my structural assumptions about religion, I would either know what the fuck I was doing enough to not need your three-paragraph summaries of how you do it or want to get my information from someone who uses an apostrophe to mean something other than "OH SHIT HERE COMES AN S."

If you don't know what you're dedicating yourself to, I can't help you write a fucking ritual. I don't even know what religion you're talking about, though I can guess it's probably some form of neo-Wicca because because you clearly assume everyone shares it. Ranting bad history in all caps doesn't make your ignorance less obvious. Your weird hard-on for ranting about monotheism isn't actually an interesting philosophical position.

No, really, you don't need to add runes to the set to get finer-grained nuance. (Unless, of course, you've sacrificed an eye for the wisdom to know what the fuck you're doing, and if you've done that why don't you know better than to ask the internet?) If you don't know how to read your Tarot spread how much useful information do you think you're going to get out of it, anyway?

You seriously just recommended Silver Ravenwolf. I ...

... feel old.


Anonymous said...

Their is someone called silver RavenWolf, really? Really?

I also feel old.

Dw3t-Hthr said...

A multiply-published pagan author, even. Writes about the quality of stuff you'd expect from the name.

(She made it big a bit after I stopped buying fluffy neo-Wiccan books entirely, so I only learned about her after she had corrupted the youth of a generation.)

Ailbhe said...

Just googled her.


Wish I could think of stuff like that.

Labrys said...

Thanks for the giggle, even if it came with it's very own involuntary shudder, too! Just imagine how old I feel?!

I think people picking a religious flavor should stop being influenced by video games, ya know?

MP said...

I'm curious as to what/where triggered this (mostly because I want popcorn).

Dw3t-Hthr said...

Basically, the pagan communities on FetLife, of all places. Which, I know, not filtered for generalised coherence, but then again, evidence that I don't want to deal with people who aren't filtered for generalised coherence.

Neon Fox said...

Back when I was a baby pagan, I bought one of her books; I think it was her first, the Silver Broomstick one. I bought it partly because I was curious, and also so I'd have concrete proof I could present that someone out there was really representing herself to the entire world as "Silver RavenWolf".

Not that my handle's vastly better, but at least I don't put it on book-covers. :)

mamacrow said...

Silver RavenWolf?! Really?! How could I have missed this... just too good!

confused tho.. never seen a silver raven... or a raven-wolf for that matter...

Eagle said...

*sigh*Oh, the fluffy bunny brigade.

Labrys: I think it's more they should pick their video games a bit more carefully...and play them with their eyes open for a change...*goes back to interesting ruminations about creation/destruction, and wishes his Ruby was in the post*

Anonymous said...

"OH SHIT HERE COMES AN S!" I literally just choked on cheesy bread reading that.

I still think that kind of juvenile crap is almost quaint next to the horsehockey their bigger, better-educated brothers get up to sometimes. The thing Wild Hunt and YouTube have in common? Never, ever read the comments.

-pinkpolarity @ LJ, anon because openID just threw a bunch of gobbledegook at me and told me I can't provide the right identification.