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13 August, 2010

This gives me a little moment of optimism

So I have a tag on this blog, if you haven't noticed, of "sixteen tons". Which I use, of course, for ranting about American corporatism and the nature of employment and related subjects like "What do you mean you have a life and can't do overtime?", etc.

Sometimes I see little glimmerings of things that might make me hope that in some future time, I wouldn't need it.

(Class-limited, that is, but it's something for someone, and that's a little better than nothing for nobody.)

No comment beyond that, just a little quickie note.


Anonymous said...

That is an optimistic note!

I also like what my company does -- which is not that extreme, but in some ways similar. The official policy is "you get about three weeks of vacation each year". No detailed accounting of accrual, no concern about whether you have enough saved up in time for a week off in late January, etc. And, when I tallied up my timesheet at the end of last year and discovered that my hours of vacation added up to something more like four weeks than three, nobody even mentioned it.

But the fact that there is a number means that there's a clear expectation -- whereas my brother, at a law firm, has no vacation limits and so is always uncertain about whether if he takes a vacation he'll be viewed as not working hard enough.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I notice that their main example is basically a software development firm, though. In general, the number of allowed vacation days isn't what determines how often you can take a day off in that industry - the constant deadlines and crisises are the real limiting factor. I'd fully expect that, without the pressure provided by a fixed number of vacation days, employees would find that they actually took less vacation.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Missing your wisdom! Hope all is well.

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