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24 May, 2007

Blood from a Stone

Okay, setting aside my whole set of issues with the whole gender identity thing, you know, of all the things that would never, ever occur to me as precipitating the need to engage in serious thought about what it means to be a woman, taking a version of the pill that stops menstruation should probably go near the top of the list. Really, my first thought on cramping up at the end of my medication cycle is not, "Oh, thank the gods, I'm still a woman." I don't consider the whole oozing blood thing to be a reassuring reminder of my gender identity as a woman, and I can't imagine that I would if I had a gender identity as a woman.

More pointing and laughing at Pandagon. Don't miss the video of the crazy woman at the end, holy shit.


Allie said...

Yeah, my thoughts are usually more along the lines of "oh hell, there's a mess in my underwear" or "oh hell, where are the painkillers and red wine". If there's any "oh thank the gods", it's definitely of the "oh thank the gods I'm not pregnant and don't have to go see a gynecologist and go through hell".

Also, "for the first time giving women the option of stopping their periods"? Uh, clearly this IUD in my abdomen doesn't exist...poor research there, ABC, you fail.

Sigh. You'd think this would be an easier concept to grasp. But no, babies are the only physical thing differentiating men and women.

Trinity said...


Thank you. After the whole ishkabibble I posted over at sm-feminist about what kind of sex REEL WIMMIN have even if they're tops, I so needed to read something like your comments on this silliness.

SunflowerP said...

I'm looking forward to identifying as a postmenopausal woman. Not that my periods are particularly problematic; it's just that after 33 years I'm bored with them.