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28 August, 2007

A Beauty Myth

Once upon a when ...

The Mother's mirror is the black arc of space, sparkling with infinity, full of starlight. It is the Abyss that looks back into you, the reflection of all that was, is, will be; all of potential, all of creation.

The Peacock found His Mother's mirror and looked into it, looked deep. His voice rang out with pride, "Look how beautiful I am!" and he shook His tail, rattling the seven heavens with His thunder. He saw Himself, the fullness of what that means, and was proud; in his pride, He was strong; in his strength He could make all the worlds tremble.

And who is the Peacock?

Some call Him Melek Ta'us, the Angel of Evil who was flung bodily from heaven by the Angel of Good and abandoned to die on the rocks where He landed -- save that a Yezidi shepherd cared for Him and received His blessing. Some call him Adversary and Saviour embodied in one, the bird and serpent twined together so none can tell one from the other. When the Twins, who are identically born and exactly different, lovers locked in eternal warfare one with the other, dissolve in each other in ecstasy, their two candleflames a single light burning on twin wicks, there is the Peacock. If the Twins are thesis and antithesis, He is synthesis, the union and transcendence of what has gone before.

His Pride could rend worlds, shatter souls; yet, when He is aligned and true, as the Feri saying goes, resting beneath the hand of the Mother, He is tempered with Law. There is no Hell left to burn, for His tears of compassion put out its flames long ago. His is strife and salvation; His utmost test is this:

Look into my Mother's mirror, our Mother's mirror.

Face who you are. In all your wholeness. All the terrible beautiful completeness of yourself.

Shake. Your. Tail.


Daisy Deadhead said...

Hey there girlfriend, love this post! You helped inspire me to start my "saints series" todeay--hope you enjoy it! I hope to get some weird conversations going on religious ecstasy, myth, all that stuff we like.

Flannery O'Connor wrote a great essay on peacocks (she owned a bunch) and then Alice Walker wrote a great essay on O'Connor, called "Beyond the Peacock"...very spiritual animals!

Dw3t-Hthr said...

Yay, I inspired somebody!

The Peacock looking into the mirror of space is probably my favorite Feri myth. (Not just because I love the paradox and dancing dualism of His nature. The whole ... face yourself, all of yourself, and recognise that you're beautiful thing. Because honestly -- I think it takes guts to be beautiful like that.)