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17 April, 2008

Same As It Ever Was

So, Renegade Evolution is a cranky, controversial-in-some-circles porn actress and stripper.

She has been butting heads for a long time with people who seem to want to characterise her as some sort of brainwashed minion who will only harm women everywhere by doing work that she enjoys a great deal. This tends to make her even more cranky.

One of the things that she's wished for for a long time is the opportunity to meet her detractors in an honest debate where they're actually forced to deal with sex workers in the flesh rather than as theoretical abstracts.

It appears that she had that opportunity at last.

Note, should you follow that link, in the comments a statement by one Anthony Kennerson, that begins:

Why do I get the feeling that Sam Berg will get seriously cold feet and attempt to pull out in the end, citing the usual stated policy against debating "pro-porn" activist lest they "legitimize abuse and murder"??

Which turns out to be sort of one of those prophetic things, now, doesn't it? Sam Berg is pulling a "I won't come to your panel if Ren is there", justifying it because Ren lost her temper pretty badly a while back.

The person who's trying to pull this together is trying to talk sense into the senseless.

Meanwhile, anyone who has any reasonable leverage with William and Mary College? Alumni, colleagues, people who can write a good letter? If you could lean on 'em a little, so that maybe one side of the debate won't be coerced into the silence of absence and talked about rather than talked with ....

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