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30 July, 2007

Opening Up

A bit ago, I had dinner with a bunch of miscellaneous friends of a friend of mine, most of whom I did not know.

One of the women there was wearing a thick collar loosely around her neck. And I spent a long time sort of wondering how to ask, how to bring it up. Wondering if I'd run into another sub, someone I might be able to talk to about the whole experience of subness, wondering if we had anything in common that would make it a useful, interesting sort of conversation to have. And it's hard to ask, enquiring into the whole deeply personal realm of things, and while, yeah, if someone's collared and wearing their jewelry publically they're probably not going to be embarassed by someone noticing, but at the same time, I don't know graceful ways of asking questions. (That's a whole other can of fish.)

I spent a while talking about various things with the host of that little gathering, and commented on this, and got a response of, "Yeah, she's the bottom. I don't know if that's the right word."

I think at some point I'll drop that friend a line and ask if she'd be willing to play intermediary on the whole feeling that other person out, to see if we can talk about being collared in anything like the same language. Because I'm too awkward to just approach her cold ....

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